Advisers Encourage Trump To Dance With Caitlyn Jenner At Inauguration Party

Advisers Encourage Trump To Dance With Caitlyn Jenner At Inauguration Party

Kanye isn’t the only one in America’s premier celebrity family to endorse Trump. In fact, Caitlyn Jenner will be supporting him at tomorrow’s inauguration. Bruce Jenner was a well-known Republican, so the news shouldn’t be too surprising, but now that she identifies as a transgender woman, Caitlyn’s support of Trump hasn’t been received well among the LGBT community. 

As for Trump’s people, some of them might see Jenner’s presence at the inauguration as an opportunity to persuade the LGBT faction to see their leader in a more amicable way. One adviser even thinks Trump and Jenner should share a dance at the inauguration party on Friday night. “It’s a brilliant idea,” an unnamed member of Trump’s administration told PageSix

Trump and Jenner seem to be friends, so a friendly dance shouldn’t be out of the question. In April, Jenner posted a Facebook video of her entering a women’s bathroom in the Trump Tower, noting that the president-elect had personally told her she could use whatever bathroom she liked in any Trump-owned facility. 

Another Republican also told PageSix that he thinks a photograph of a dance between Trump and Jenner would be a good PR move for the GOP. “The image of Trump dancing with Caitlyn would send a strong message that he supports gay rights and trans rights,” said the Republican. “A picture is worth a thousand tweets.” 

With just a day to go before the inaugural celebration, though, it is unlikely that such a dance will come to fruition. “I can’t deal in hypotheticals and have no idea what Trump aids hope happens,” a rep for Jenner told PEOPLE, before adding, “Of course, real question is if they danced, who would lead?” Considering Trump’s ego, one would think he would want to have control, though Jenner’s no docile lady. Think we’ll see these two polarizing figures meet on the dancefloor tomorrow evening? 

LeBron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant Can Earn $210 Million Deals Under New CBA

LeBron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant Can Earn $210 Million Deals Under New CBA

The new collective-bargaining agreement has been agreed upon in principle, and if you thought the deals were big last summer, wait until you see what guys are getting next year.

For years, LeBron James has been dancing with one-year deals as the salary cap has skyrocketed. With no injury concerns and the ability to demand whatever deal he wants, he has consistently taken two-year deals with a one-year opt-out. Part of this was due to uncertainty over what the new CBA would look like. Chris Paul, meanwhile, was facing a reduced-salary option due to the “Over 36” rule that prevents players from signing max deals that go over the player’s age of 36. And Kevin Durant similarly has been waiting for the big payday after signing a one-year deal with the Warriors this summer.

All of that’s changing with the new CBA, however. Everyone makes more money in the new CBA, on the players’ side. While the split of Basketball-Related Income remains the same (and tilted toward the owners), cap exceptions, minimum contracts, etc. are all now based on a percentage of the salary cap, which will increase from the old figures with the new media money.

It’s not merely the lower-rung players who will get more money, however. As’s David Aldridge reports, the new CBA will include a revision to the “Over 36” rule and an increase in the number of years and maximum money for max contract players.

Significant increases across the board in player contracts, including maximum salaried players. Minimum salaries for veterans with 10 or more years of service, players with five or more years’ service, rookie players on their rookie scale contracts and salaries of players who sign under the mid-level exception will all increase. The bi-annual exception will also increase. The expected maximum salary in 2017-18 for a player with 10 or more year’s service–including many of the game’s superstars, like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul, each of whom can become an unrestricted free agent next summer, will be $36 million, allowing a player to sign a five-year deal with his existing team for around $210 million. The maximum salary for players with between 7 and 9 year’s experience is projected to be $31 million. All of the contracts will be tied to the salary cap, which is different from the previous CBA. Such huge deals for vets with that much service time have been next to impossible to create in recent years because of the so-called “Over 36” rule, which was put in place to keep teams from signing older players to long contracts they would never reach the end of in order to ease the financial burden on the team. The current rules takes the salary of a player 36 or older and applies it to previous seasons’ salary caps–in essence, forcing the team to pay for those over 36 years before they occur. The new CBA, however, will turn “Over 36” contracts into “Over 38” contracts, allowing teams to sign older players to longer deals.

2017 Salary Cap Projected To Increase By $11M-$15M

2017 Salary Cap Projected To Increase By $11M-$15M

Tom Pelissero of USA Today is reporting that NFL teams were informed Tuesday that the 2017 salary cap is expected to be between $166 million – $170 million.

The current salary cap is set at $155.27 million, which means we could be looking at increases of $10.73 million – $15 million when everything is set in stone.

This past weekend, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported the NFL was planning to inform teams this week that salary cap would be somewhere between $163 million and $165 million, so it appears as though this was an early, conservative estimate.

It’s worth mentioning that the first figures released, particularly from the NFL, are typically low estimates, so the possibility exists that the cap could climb even higher than these early figures.

LeBron James, Maverick Carter To Produce Muhammad Ali HBO Documentary.

LeBron James, Maverick Carter To Produce Muhammad Ali HBO Documentary

Not long after donating $2.5 million to support the Muhammad Ali exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, LeBron James and Maverick Carter announced on Monday they will produce a multi-part documentary about Ali’s life and career for HBO.

“It’s tough to put into words how much it means to me to be a part of this project honoring the legacy and telling the extremely important story of the great Muhammad Ali,” James said in a news release.

“He transcended sports and used his platform to empower people, which paved the way for all athletes and people of every race and gender that came after him, myself included. It’s important that his story continues for generations to come, and it’s an honor for SpringHill Entertainment and me to be a part of this.”

The untitled documentary will be produced with the full cooperation of the Ali estate, and promises cinematic recreations of Ali’s legendary encounters combined with never-before-seen footage and photos.

“We are at a perfect time in history, and in our lives as Americans, to welcome this special documentary on Muhammad with LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Entertainment and HBO,” Ali’s widow Lonnie Ali said.

“This documentary will have national and global appeal. I’m hopeful this documentary will engage the audience in a similar way Muhammad engaged his audience and fans. Without a doubt, Muhammad’s life journey provides simple yet extraordinary lessons for all of us, with perhaps the most important one being, to see and embrace the humanity in all people.”

Donald Trump Named Time’s Person Of The Year

Donald Trump Named Time's Person Of The Year


Trump joins a long list of US Presidents who have received the honor.

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year is a divisive choice every year, and this year is definitely no different. Time considers their Person of the Year to be “the person who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year.” This year’s choice is perhaps the most representative of that split between better or worse: Donald J. Trump.

Based on Time’s criteria, the choice makes sense. Trump dominated headlines all year, and has continued to do so after winning a presidential election many considered to be in the bag for Hillary Clinton. His ubiquity on Twitter is incredible, and many people will have opinions on the choice. Last year’s Time Person of the Year was German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Every US President has been named Time Person of the Year at some point, and starting with President Ronald Reagan in 1980, every US President has been named Person of the Year on the year of their election. This is not without precedent. 

Kanye West Backs Donald Trump & Tells Black People To Stop Focusing On Racism

Kanye West Backs Donald Trump & Tells Black People To Stop Focusing On Racism

SAN JOSE, CA – Kanye West has never been one to shy away from the big moment, using his incredibly large platform to express any sentiment he pleases. During a stop for his Saint Pablo Tour, West told a San Jose, California audience that he backs Donald Trump and further told Black people to stop focusing on racism.

West was at the SAP Center in San Jose Thursday night (November 17) and stopped the show to deliver a speech that meandered as is typical for the Chicago superstar. During a portion of the speech, West admitted to not voting but said he is putting his faith in Donald Trump.

West opened up his speech by saying there were portions of Trump’s presidential campaign that he enjoyed and was self-aware enough to mention that his public support of the president-elect could hurt his tour ticket sales. However, it was West’s admission that he didn’t even vote that prompted the loudest response.

“I told you all I didn’t vote right? But if I would have voted, I would have voted for Trump,” West said to a mixture of jeers and muted clapping. West went on to throw a jab at the Democratic Party for taking the Black vote for granted and assuming that he as a celebrity would support Hillary Clinton’s failed run.

Despite the rising number of hate crimes against minorities and members of the LGBT community, West believes that Black people are too focused on racism and urged the crowd to shift away from that stance.

West also reiterated his plans to run for president in 2020 as well.

Ludacris Finally Opens “Chicken N Beer” Restaurant In Atlanta Airport

Ludacris Finally Opens "Chicken N Beer" Restaurant In Atlanta Airport

Ludacris opens his new restaurant at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Concoure D

Ludacris announced his plans to open a “Chicken N Beer” restaurant in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport nearly five years ago. Today, November 17, the restaurant has finally opened on the airport’s Concourse D.

“It took me three years, but it’s finally coming into fruition,” he said on Instagram. “Anything that’s worth waiting for is worth having, and we are finally here. I’ve seen it come from my third album all the way to a restaurant… I’m talking about great food, great drinks, great energy, and my employees are the best employees in the world.”

The restaurant, which takes its name from Luda’s multiplatinum 2003 album Chicken N Beer, features a classic southern menu with chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and much more.


Conor McGregor “I Want $100 Million To Box Floyd ‘He’s Afraid Of Real Fight'”

Conor McGregor "I Want $100 Million To Box Floyd 'He's Afraid Of Real Fight'"

Conor McGregor has set his terms to box Floyd Mayweather — $100 MILLION!

The two had been going back and forth on TMZ Sports earlier this week — with Floyd calling him an “ant” and Conor daring him to “say that to my face.”

But Tuesday night at 1 OAK in NYC, Conor took over the DJ booth, hijacked the mic and called out the boxer for everyone to see.

“Floyd’s not ready for this,” McGregor said.

“Much respect to Floyd. He’s a solid businessman on what he’s been able to do … he’s a f**king animal at what he’s been able to do. But as far as real fighting … as far as true pure unarmed combat … Floyd don’t want none of this.”

“He wants a boxing match, he doesn’t want a fight.”

“I want a $100 million cash to fight him under boxing rules…he’s afraid of a real fight.”

Ball’s in Floyd’s court now…

Prince Estate Files Lawsuit Against Jay Z’s Roc Nation Over Tidal Exclusive Streaming Rights

Prince Estate Files Lawsuit Against Jay Z’s Roc Nation Over Tidal Exclusive Streaming Rights

The Jay Z led Tidal streaming service pulled a major move in the streaming wars when the platform was able to secure Prince’s extensive catalog.

After the death of the performer in April, Tidal was standing alone as the only streamer to have access to the icon’s music.

The Prince estate is now suing Jay Z’s Roc Nation for copyright infringement over the exclusive streaming rights given to Tidal.

According to the lawsuit, the estate alleges Tidal was only granted a 90-day streaming exclusivity period for Prince’s 2015 album HITNRUN Phase One.


In addition, Tidal reportedly has not attempted to contact Prince’s estate since he passed away.

Roc Nation has filed a petition claiming there were both oral and written agreements between Prince and the company.

There have also been reports Jay offered Prince’s estate $40 million for the rights to his unreleased music.

While Prince was alive, the legendary musician was a big backer of Tidal.

In 2015, the “Purple Rain” singer pulled all his music from other streaming services.

Prince also streamed his Freddie Gray tribute concert from Baltimore on Tidal.

He was supportive of Tidal’s artist-owner business model as well.

“Once we have our own resources, we can provide what we need for ourselves,” said Prince. “Jay Z spent $100 million of his own money to build his own service. We have to show support for artists who are trying to own things for themselves.”